Enel generators insulation




Enel Power plant

An intervention that completely revolutionized the acoustic soundproofing in the hydroelectric power plants of Enel, starting from Ceto and then Ligonchio in which Isolp has carried out similar interventions with the same type of project, but adapting them to the different forms of sound-sounding machineries.

The main need of the client was the creation of an innovative insulation system for the turbine and alternator of the power plant, to allow the (abbandono?) of old methods such as the use of glass wool (highly harmful) and bulky structures and heavy metals (usually placed on turbines through the use of a bridge wagon). There are three specific objectives to be achieved: the reduction under the legal standards of noise, the creation of a structure that could meet aesthetic needs and the facilitation of intervention by operators in case of need of maintenance.

ISOLP has created an exclusive and customize work, with the aim of responding to the specified aesthetic demands and ease of intervention. The first step was the detection of the size of the turbine, the alternator and the environment in which the structure would be subsequently mounted. A structure that in itself had to include maximum isolation capabilities and ease of management by operators.


Therefore, in order to meet these needs, it was decided to use the modular insulation panel called ISOL-AK, made of paired fiber/rubber multilayers and an external aluminium shell. This is for a total thickness of 50 mm, perfect size to achieve a soundproofing effect that is appropriate to what the client requires.


From the choose of the "perfect material" ISOLP has moved on to the actual construction of the structure with sound-absorbing features, of maximum lightness, practicality, robustness and sure visual impact thanks to the powder painting respecting the original colors of the machineries.

After a carefully evaluate the dimensions, ISOLP passed to the real creation of the structure’s skeleton, made thanks to the use of modular aluminum profiles, indispensable for the support of the sound-sounding panels.


The work finished with the insertion of these panels. Their peculiarity is their customization, not only for the insulated feature (increasing and decreasing the thickness) but also for the presence of applicate elements. On these panels, clips and handles have been mounted on these panels, enough for guaranteeing easy assembly and disassembly and also dual polycarbonate portholes in proximity to LCD panels, manometers, etc.

Thanks to ISOLP’s professional staff the during of this work was 60 minutes. A record time for Isolp and a undisputed facilitation for Enel, whose technicals can count on maximum agility in the turbine and generator’s maintenance.
All this work characterized maximum precision, customized, planned and realized by a high specialised team that bears the name of ISOLP srl.