Wind tunnel for Airoh

An innovative work, studied in detail for AIROH, an international leader in helmet production.
An industry that requires high standards of product design and implementation, to ensure maximum safety.
Hence, the need for control system that allow you to test the product better against any kind of unexpected: just like the wind tunnel, a highly specialized system that only a few companies can boast, among AIROH.

In collaboration with ISOLP, an external structure has been designed and built to insulate the wind tunnel, taking into account the aesthetic and acoustic appearance external/internal with unique materials for 70% efficiency and full confidence in operating.

All this starting from the only presence in the environment of the machine necessary for helmet testing, around which a real insulated room of the latest generation has been created.

ISOLP's objective was to create a soundproof environment that would break down both the noise inside and outside the tunnel, given that air leaks from the inner turbine at a speed of more than 200 km/h needed to test the aerodynamics of the Helmets. One of the key aspects of the project was not to interfere with the neighbouring environment, consisting of the production department next door and the administrative offices upstairs.

To make this possible, following a thorough analysis by ISOLP, the creation of the tunnel cabin was planned with the use of sound-absorbing panels about 50 mm thick, consisting of rock wool coated with aluminium sheet slightly, painting according to the customer's request and smooth aluminum sheet inside.

The interior of the structure has been further covered by multilayer panels composed of sound-absorbing materials with a thickness of about 35/40mm each and in the last polyester fiber panels of about 70mm thick geometrically beveled to increase and improve noise absorption, as well as create a pleasant visual impact.

A new insulated box was situated in the insulated room for air immision and emission conducts.
It was realized with standard ISOLP structure in die cast aluminium, with two sliding doors in stratified soundproof glasses. A shaped platform was collocated on the ground of this box; filters with different thickness have been included on the top and on the vertical part of the box, which allow a high filter capacity for a correct air dispersion outwards from the cabine.

On the point of view of acoustic insulation, all this works have created an innovative and cutting-edge structure.